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I made a mosaic as a gift for my husband on our 5th wedding anniversary. The pictures on the mosaic tell the story of our lives together from the moment he proposed to how our lives evolved through out the years. Memorable moments include our wedding day, when our pet joined the family and most importantly the birth of our sons. I printed my beautiful mosaic, framed it and wrapped for my husband. My husband was in tears when he opened the gift.

The beautiful master piece now lives in our formal dining room. It's always a piece of conversation when friends and family visit.

Thank you for such a beautiful piece of art. We love it!!!

Yussy Swaine

My experience with EasyMoza was awesome. Never having used the website before I was able to create a sample image to show my wife within 10 minutes. I bookmarked the site immediately because I knew i would be back several times to create one of a kind images. My family is very photo driven and this was a great way to show our many adventures together in one place. I would highly recommend EasyMoza to anyone looking to create a high quality mosaic picture without spending a ton of money on fancy software or services.

The first mosaic that I created with EasyMoza was for my youth football team. I gathered over 300 pictures from throughout the season and created a mosaic of our logo. The boys and the families eyes all lite up with excitement as they were given their images during our team party. Creating awesome gifts for those boys really gives them something to look at everyday in their rooms, and inspire them to do great things everyday. Thanks for creating such a memorable experience and helping me create a gift/memory that could last a lifetime for my players.


Daniel Wynn
Parker, CO

EasyMoza review


My husband asked me to respond to your email inquiry.

He used EasyMoza to create a beautiful mosaic in honor of our second anniversary. He collected photos from our engagement, vacations, random phone photos, birth of our daughter, Mother's Day outing, etc.. and surprised me. He printed it as large as he could (I think 27 x40, something like that) and made a whole presentation out of it--he was so excited! I was moved to tears, it was so beautiful.

That was over a year ago. We had the mosaic printed and we get so many compliments on it. Everyone thinks at first it is a puzzle, and upon closer inspection they are blown away by how well the photos align.

My husband said your company was very easy to work with. It was easy to upload and save the photos. We chose to have the photos remain in a natural setting to accommodate the large one, rather than have the photo backgrounds change to accommodate the colors of the large one.

I was amazed how your technology could align the colors and backgrounds.

My next project is to collect all the photos from our daughter's first year and make a mosaic for her. I think it will be something she will cherish.

Thank you!
Batya Rosner

I used EasyMoza to create a retirement gift for my boss as he ended a nearly 30 year career in marine biology. I used a picture of our research facility as the main picture and then used hundreds of pictures of past and current employees as well as pictures of my boss doing all the fun things we get to do as marine biologists.

The end result was AMAZING! Everyone had fun trying to find themselves in the mosaic and were laughing hysterically at some of the silly pictures we used. When we presented it to him at his retirement party, he was speechless. It was such a unique and creative way to sum up his career. It’s now one of the centerpieces of his new home. Thanks EasyMoza!

Keith Fischer

Research Associate
Fish and Wildlife Research Institute


I came across the EasyMoza site while doing some research on photo mosaics online. This site immediately caught my eye and got me engaged right away. I wanted to use this site to create an image to present to my daughter as a gift for her High School graduation. We put together a slide show of images put to music to celebrate this life milestone. I used every image in the slide show to create a Mosaic that I had printed on canvass. Immediately following the slide show, I presented her this gift and there was not a dry eye in the room. This will be a lifetime memory for all of us.


Terry Adams
Denver, Colorado

I chose Easymoza because it is just that; An easy uncomplicated way to create an individual and unique piece of art. Having the initial photograph of my friend's children as youngsters I was able to add pictures of them now as adults and also a picture of her sister who sadly passed away a couple of years ago in order to create a photo montage of memories that now adorns the wall in her newly refurbished house

The smile that ensued from opening up the canvas was priceless and worth every penny and more and the quality of the image first class.

Wendy Arnold

Testimonial EasyMoza

Dear EasyMoza,

I would like to tell you the story behind my mosaic. I am working in one of the 5 stars hotel in Jakarta and on that time we were looking for a farewell give for our Hotel Manager. He was going to move to Beijing, China. And then I came up with an idea to made a mosaic photo for him from all photos from our employees. Once we gave him the present, he was surprised and he loved it so much. Many friends also saw it when we gave him the present (mosaic) and they asked me where I made it. Then I gave them the information about EasyMoza and they are going to make their own mosaic too!

Thank you and warm regards,
Bianca Joy

EasyMoza review


My name is Eric Miller and I am the Photojournalist at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital located in Grand Rapids, Michigan - in charge of all things video and stills related for the hospital. I was approached about a project for a large meeting and the discussion eventually headed down the path of a mosaic concept. After a short search online, I came across The process could not have been easier to upload the hundreds of stills that I had on hand, and then tweak them to the desired effect. I actually made two mosaic prints from the XXL downloads and printed them at a local shop at 4 feet x 6 feet. Very impressive and very easy.

I took things a step further and animated the files for the meeting mentioned above. The reaction was extremely positive. Here is a link to that video: It reveals a picture from around 1915, of our original Woman’s Guild – the governing body of our hospital for the past 124 years. The second reveal is of our newly constructed West Addition, which makes us the 5th largest rehabilitation hospital in the US. The goal with this project was to show how it’s the families, patients, and staff that make us who we are. And helped me achieve exactly what I was looking to achieve.

PS – A friend of mine who I used to work with saw the video clip and wanted to know how it was done. I explained the process, and he told me that a current coworker of his attempted a similar project by paying a company over $1,000 for a video that wasn’t nearly as good as what I had done. Thanks!

Eric Miller
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

My son had to complete a school project in Year 8 - he decided to do a creative piece with photos he had taken himself.

The initial photo was a shell on a pier, he then took about 500 other photos of the sea and anything connected with the beach, swimming, water. He combined those photos with other photos taken during a school program called Sea Change.

He researched a number of other mosaic packages at length and he found them more complicated, not really user friendly and expensive. He trialled Easymoza to see how the end product would look. Happy with the easy step approach - using his main photo and using the other photos he took - the result was fantastic. He then upgraded and used the package that allowed more pixels and he was able to insert writing on the end product (I have to say this part was the hardest of all, adding writing. If Easymoza could add a step where printing words could be added to the mosaic it would be a great add on option.)

The product was then printed onto acrylic and he won an award for his project. It's worth paying for the upgrade in the product for more pixels this adds better clarity. This is the easiest mosaic product on the market. My son gave Easymoza a great "plug" because he had to compare the market and report on all packages.

On another note, I used a number of photos of a friends mother that had passed away and used a black and white photo as the original photo. I gave it to my friend as a gift and he truely treasured it. All the photos of his childhood and family - wrapped up into one photo of his mum in her youth as a nurse.

Easymosa, allows you to create a one off piece of art that is unique, treasured and personal.

regards Susan Middlemiss

"My close friend passed away, it was unfortunate. But using your website I made an absolutely stunning mosaic of him doing what he loved, playing guitar. What made it really special to his friends and family is we used all the pictures off his friends list and facebook profile, so each of us "made up" a part of the picture; much like his life.

Thanks for the awesome website."


Hi there!

Here is my experience with EasyMoza:

Senior year of high school, I was the editor-in-chief of my yearbook. After countless hours of trying to find a way to fit my class' portraits in a mosaic of our mascot, I nearly gave up on the idea. I researched ways to do it online and the other options were incredibly expensive and they would take a very long time to be manually completed. I even looked up tutorials on how to create a mosaic in Photoshop, all of which were entirely over my skill set. I then stumbled upon EasyMoza. I simply uploaded the 220 or so portraits and created my beautiful mosaic. In under ten minutes and about ten dollars, I had my image and the two page spread was complete. Thanks EasyMoza!

Thanks again!
Nick S.

Sent from my iPhone

I have used Easy Moza for my personal project. I dont have much space on the walls to hang all my pictures so decided to give it a try and use Easy Moza to combine first year of my daughter and display it all at once. Every person who passes by our canvas with EasyMoza is amazed how cool and beautiful it is.

Strongly recommend for everyone!


Easy Moza has been an amazing software for me to use. I lost my father last September and was deeply saddened. I started a Facebook group and asked everyone who knew him to add any photos they had of him.

We got up to 380 photos and I wasn't sure what to do when I came upon the idea of making a photo from all the photos of the rest of dads family.

I searched and found your website and it was so easy and the results were amazing. I downloaded the image and had it printed on a canvas which now sits proudly on mums the all. Everyone loves it and can't help looking for themselves within it.

It was so good that recently my friend lost his husband and I got him to collect the photos and I made a canvas for him.

Amazing piece of software that's so user friendly.

Thanks for making many people happy


Sent from my iPhone

In this digital age everybody has lots of photos on their computer. All experiences worth keeping and sharing. The ulimate question being, how do you share them? Mosaics are a great answer to this question. For your own wall on canvas or to present these precious memories as a gift to another person.

In our case my husband and myself captured our relationship in photos with EasyMoza. They have a site that is very user friendly, quick and for a bit of money a perfect XXL quality. Even with a large mosaic all the small pictures give a great result. We shared it digitally with all our family and friends, zooming in on our most favorite memories leading up to our wedding invite. We received great reactions!

Thanks EasyMoza, for making this possible!


Joyce van Heijzen

I thought the user interface was easy to understand and use. It would be nice to change pictures used for the main picture colouring from a sidebar list, further tweaks if you like once you are almost at the generate stage for the final product.

I printed my two mosaics, one of myself with my son and the other of my wife travelling on their first trip together as a surprise when she came home from work. It was very moving for her, something that looks like it takes ages to create was actually straightforward. We’ve had lots of comments from visitors how nice the idea is since hanging the frames up.


Luke Calthrop and family.

I made one for a religious event. They came and they saw and they cried.

They were here for 3 years helping in the ministry work.

I wanted to do this as a goodbye present. They travel from state to state and don’t have a fixed home. We printed it out for a poster that does not take up a lot of space. We gathered all of their pictures from the last 3 years to add them to the mosaic. It was fantastic. Words could not express their reaction when they saw it.

Ricardo Lopez
Puccini Natural Stone

My Easy Moza experience was wonderful. I had trouble finding enough pictures for my mosaic, but I filled it in with pictures of natural beauty and my end result was a nice anniversary gift for my girlfriend.

Thanks for making it so easy to create a mosaic. I've tried software for my Mac and they were hard to use.

Raghu Ramesh


I first saw your creation on a friend’s wall in her living room. It was so beautiful and unique. She said that her friend gave it to her for her 40th birthday. She gave me your information, so that I could create one for my mother-in-law. I was giving this as a Mother’s day gift. I used a picture of her four grandkids to create one. When she opened it she was speechless. She thought it was so unique and creative and loved it. I can’t wait to create one for myself now.

Denni Northway

EasyMoza was fabulous. Easy to use, high quality product. We are a small town government in north-eastern Arizona and the proud home of John Wayne’s historic 26 Bar Ranch. We used EasyMoza to make giant mosaics using rodeo photos from our recent John Wayne Days celebration. The poster will be displayed in our Town Council Chambers and are quite dramatic. I have attached one of our mosaics as an example. The other mosaic is 15 MB and our email system keeps giving me a system error. It is of a bronc rider and very cool.


Tami Ryall

EasyMoza review

During the summer of 2014, I spent a fantastic week in Italy celebrating my sister's wedding. When I returned from the trip, I wanted to buy my sister a unique gift to commemorate her marriage. A friend suggested using all the photos from the wedding to build a mosaic and I thought this was a brilliant idea. At first, I attempted to do this myself using photo editing packages but it quickly became an arduous task. Next, I downloaded some mosaic-making software but I found this to be complicated to use and expensive. Finally, I discovered EasyMoza and it was a delight! No downloads required, a simple, easy-to-follow process for creating the mosaic and the ability to tweak the final image before choosing the size I wanted. And all this was complimented by the most competitive prices I had found.

I printed the final image using my preferred local print shop and got it framed. I gave it to my sister at a family meal and she was overjoyed. She said that, of all the gifts she and her husband had received, the EasyMoza image was her favourite as it captured a single special moment and all the wonderful memories of her wedding.

Thank you EasyMoza! I have recommended you several times since to family and friends!

Alex Bradley


I am from India and the idea of a mosaic pic had clicked somehow to me as I was looking for a unique present for my brothers kid 1st Bday.....i wanted to gift him all his 1st 365 days and my 1st thought was a album but being me I wanted it to be unique....

Well when the idea of mosaic art had hit me I didn't knew if it can be done so easily and there are many website which offer this.

I had Google mosaic photo art just to see how it's done and never thought to find a ready solution for it.

After some research I had zeroed in on 2 sites easymoza and ********** (a competitor). Had made few pics using both the site but then during overall comparison I had preferred easymoza bcz it gave me the same solution for 1/3rd of cost from ********** (the competitor).

Also I liked the easy way of navigation in site and the useful display of information regarding actual print size and pixle density.

At 1st I was sceptical as to if I should for a website solution where I have to give all details of my credit card and about which I knew nothing. .but then the desire to gift the mosaic prevailed and I had gone for it.

Well it was a new thing even for the printing house here and we didn't knew how the actual print will look so the hour wait to get the delivery of the actual print wax spend with mixed emotion.

And when I had got the print in my hand I was like wow I did it again a unique gift for the kid and a surprise for all around me.

I had kept the poster (36'x24') outside my flat and at dot midnight brought it in and gifted to him and shown to all...

Well at 1st none understood what it is except that the was a big blurry image and then I asked them to see it from a distance of the big picture was all clear and then I asked them to see it from 1st distance that's was when all were surprised and amazed as how the tiny images has formed the big image.

We had kept the poster on wall during the bday party and I had to explain all how it worked and what it is as most were confused when they looked at it 1st.

And many thought I did it myself by putting pic by pic.....that's when I had shared with all that it was done in just 10 mins and the credit goes to easymoza also.

The pic link is in my fb/whatsapp also and I am still collecting getting from ppl for it.

I had named the poster Gullu-365.

Well now that I have mentioned easymoza to all I know my gift will not remain unique for long as many wanted to try it for their pics but yes I am happy that I was the 1st to make it around my people and in the city of Kolkata probably as the print house who do a lots of marriage and party album didn't knew about it.


My experience with Easy Moza was wonderful. The site is super easy to navigate, they have a simple step-by-step process and the mosaic that comes out is breath-taking.

I needed a couple of really nice collages for my grandfather's memorial. We had gone through pictures and found so many wonderful ones of him with the people that he loved and him just being him. I didn't have much time and I made a collage, which took absolutely forever. But I wanted something else. Something that would be cool and special, so I looked for a program that could make my 117 photos into a mosaic of my grandfather and his seven children as adults. I found Easy Moza and gave it a try.

I brought the mosaic first to my grandfather's house where my family was getting ready for the memorial and then to the funeral home. So many people were so surprised that I had had this beautiful mosaic made and so many of them wanted a copy of their own. I'm REALLY glad I got the XXL, because you can actually see the tiny pictures.

My son was graduating and completing his varsity soccer career. When I found out about Easymoza I thought it would be a fabulous idea. Your site was as user friendly as can be and the product turned out great.

I had it enlarged, printed and mounted. Then I presented him with a picture of his entire soccer career from a child to the present. To say he was thrilled is putting it mildly.


Richmond Hill
ON. Canada

I chose to use EasyMoza over other picture mozaic providers because it was easy to use and I loved the quality and look of the picture they provided me. My godfather was turning 50 and I wanted something special for him. I also needed something I could post easily as I live in New Zealand and he in England. A mosaic was perfect as I could make it online and email the picture through to a printer in England.

I was sitting on Skype with him when he opened it. At first he didn't understand what he was looking at because the image was printed at A0 size. When he stood back from it he was amazed to see his favourite animal, a tiger. He then quickly moved towards it to see all the small pictures of him I had managed to gather from friends and family (including an embarrassing one of course!). I love getting gifts that are different and this one was perfect for this special occasion.

Lydia Wells

I made a Moza for the athletic department at Zachary High School. They had a auction for the school and the Moza went for 450.00 to help out the athletic dept. Also my son graduated from high school and I took his yearbook photo for the main photo and added 343 photos of all of the seniors in his class. Everybody that sees the photo is amazed. I am the photographer for the school and hope to sell a lot of these this coming school year.

George Rittel

P.S. The bigger the photo the better it looks.

I used EasyMoza to create a Mother's Day gift for my wife. My son is 16 years old now and I used the hundreds of pictures of him and our family we have on our computer as the source to create a mosaic of one picture that was my wife's favorite. The process was simple, just upload, adjust, and save. I printed out the picture and gave it to her on Mother's Day and she gushed over it. She kept finding pictures in the mosaic that she loved.

We used another website to print the picture out on glass and it hangs in our living room now. It’s one of her favorite gifts. When people see it, they always ask how i created it and i get to tell the story all over again!

Michael Wallace

Very very cool product. I created a mosaic picture of a Biarritz, in France, made up of over 100 family photographs, to use as the cover for a puzzle. This was used by guests at my 25th wedding anniversary in a treasure hunt, with puzzle pieces of the Easymoza picture collected during an afternoon. On completing the puzzle, all our 100 guests saud how amazing the Easymoza picture was - it really made a fun day very memorable.

James Courtenay

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