3. Printing your mosaic

When you have saved your photo mosaic to your computer, you are the owner of the file. After that you can print your mosaic anywhere you like, for example at your local printshop.

To download your mosaic in a high resolution, you need an XL-code or XXL-code. Under here you will find the maximum printsizes. The maximum printsize also depends on what dpi the printing company uses to print. Most modern digital printing companies use 150 dpi.

What is the maximum printing size?

Show sizes in

  XL   XXL
120 x 90 240 x 180
120 x 80 240 x 160
105 x 105 210 x 210
90 x 120 180 x 240
80 x 120 160 x 240
What is the maximum resolution?

Resolution in pixels (width x height):

  XL   XXL
7200 x 5400 14400 x 10800
7560 x 5040 15120 x 10080
6300 x 6300 12600 x 12600
5400 x 7200 10800 x 14400
5040 x 7560 10080 x 15120

Size depends on settings and main image ratio.


TIP: If you are going to print your mosaic, print it big so you can see the small images well. For example if your main image has a ratio of 4:3 we advice a printsize of 120cm by 90cm. If you want to print smaller you can adjust the settings (when sellecting a main image) to use less tiles.

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2. The advantages of EasyMoza

3. Printing your mosaic

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5. Selecting small photos (Step 2)

6. Creating your mosaic (Step 3)

7. Saving your mosaic to your computer

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