Christmas Gift ideas

Finding the perfect Christmas present can be really hard so let me help you by giving you my top 5 Christmas gift ideas. Of course 'Creating a Photo Mosaic' is my all time favorite but I am not going to place that in my top 5 Christmas gift ideas for 2015. Oke, let start with number 5.

5. Selfie stick - a low cost gift

If your boyfriend or girlfriend likes to make selfies, than this could be a great X-mas gift. Not all presents have to be expensive. On to number 4 of the Christmas gift ideas.

4. A small bottle of his or her favorite perfume

Whether it is a gift for her or for him, a small bottle of perfume can be very handy. For example in her purse or in his sport bag. If you want to give a huge bottle you can also give this as an extra gift. It shows that you thought about how to make life a little easier.

3. Smoothie Blender - a healthy gift idea

Most people start the new year with healthy Year’s resolutions like eating healthier. A great way to do that is by starting to drink a smoothie a day. This present shows that you care about his or her health. Three down, two to go in the Christmas gift ideas top 5.

2. A book with a small text of you in it

If your loved one is always 'playing' with his or her phone this gift idea could help to make a change. Tip: read the book yourself before you give it and then pick a page you loved most. On that page write a note for him or her to tell that you care about him/her.

1. An iWatch - the most trendy gadget

Oke, I know that it is very expensive but it's also the coolest gadget of the year. The best Secret Santa Present for 2015 for him or for her.

More Christmas Gift ideas for that special someone?

If you have other great Santa gift ideas, use the form below. I love to hear from you. I really hope this page helps someone. If so, please share it.

Have a Merry Christmas 2015!



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Christmas Gift Ideas


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