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If you like the result, you can save your photo mosaic to your computer. Print the photo mosaic yourself or print it at your local printshop. For more information, click here.

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My experience with EasyMoza was awesome. Never having used the website before I was able to create a sample image to show my wife within 10 minutes. I bookmarked the site immediately because I knew i would be back several times to create one of a kin ...
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EasyMoza is a free online programme with which you can easily make your own photo mosaic. Download the result and print it however and wherever you like. In order to save your photo mosaic at a high resolution, you will need a payment code. You can easily purchase a payment code at our webshop.

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EasyMoza will copy your Facebook photos and automaticly create a photo mosaic. All you have to do is watch the show. And enjoy the result!

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